What is Automatic Energy Review for Schools (AERS)?

AERS is a new free program, sponsored by Southern California Edison, that encourages one last look at energy efficiency for schools that have construction drawings complete but have not yet received DSA approval on the design.  Edison's consultants are looking at minor changes that may have major impact in the school's energy use and the district's eligibility for HPS funding and other types of recognition.

Projects referred to the program will automatically be scanned for potential low-cost/low-impact energy changes, such as HVAC equipment schedule modifications, fixture and ballast type specifications and control strategies. AERS Program representatives will consult with the district, the project architect and the consultant team to ensure that the potential changes are feasible, viable and within budget, including consideration of any available incentive money.  After the potential changes are identified and quantified in terms of energy savings and cost or schedule impacts, we will  request a design team meeting to go over the preliminary results and to determine if  efforts to incorporate the changes should move forward.  Incentives up to $4200 are available to the district to cover some of the cost of the design changes and the DSA energy review fee. Your project will have a secure website where you or your design team can check in anytime to see the status and view the work in progress and results of our analysis.

How can AERS Help your Project?

An AERS review can yield specific information tailored to your project that can impact the operating costs for years to come.  Project that already exceed the energy code but not quite enough to qualify for HPS or other recognition or incentives can get help to move to the next level of efficiency.  Key project success will be showcased by Edison. 

Remember that this is a free offering that will be coordinated with DSA so as not to impact their review cycle. All you have to do is provide us with the EnergyPro or EQuest file, and we'll take it from there. To opt out or learn more about specifics of the program, call us at 916-221-3110 and ask for an AERS program representative.

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